70% increase in user conversions

Responsive, Engaging, and an all new online store experience- Delivered on-time! 

Client Background.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, our client offers holistic services, educational classes, and a host of events throughout the year. 

Business Challenge.

The organization wanted a digital makeover in harnessing the viable options. One of the foremost need was to change the site to an e-commerce friendly mode and enable shipping and delivery payment options to be made available. The online store set-up was needed to cater to the needs of mobile-savvy customers and to increase upsell and cross-sell activities.


A detailed assessment and evaluation of the site was the first step with the suggestion to implement the  Magento platform for their new online store. With our team of experienced Magento developers, we successfully built the site on-time, with a  personalized and customized design for the client. We integrated an in-store display to access the e-commerce sections of the site and integrated a calendar module so that the customers can be notified once they register, or cancel automatically. A successful transference of the offline database to online was completed.

Business Outcome.

Magento provided the client what they set out to achieve - a  delightful customer shopping experience for their clients. A phenomenal increase in new customer base, new online order option feature, reduced waiting time for checkout and payment were all collective attributes that increased customer loyalty and our client's success ratio.

We delivered an omnichannel user experience and digitalization of event management-booking, cancellation, announcements etc. which resulted in sales conversion and business outcome.

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