Four Essential Marketing Tools to Accelerate Your Business

Marketing tools to boost business conversions

Small and medium-sized e-commerce merchants know how important marketing is. In a fiercely competitive industry, communicating in a meaningful way with a target audience is crucial to success.

Of course, challenges abound. Reaching new audiences and building positive customer sentiment takes time and money - two resources that entrepreneurs can never have enough.

While marketing departments at Nordstrom and Nike can throw millions of dollars at CPC advertising and celebrity endorsements, entrepreneurs need to double down on SEO, content creation, strategic promotional events, and micro-influencer relationships.

Though the difference in marketing spend is undeniable, at least everyone uses the same marketing software. On a platform like Magento, small business owners have access to the same tools the big guys use. Here are four of the most popular marketing tools available on Magento that small vendors use to grow revenue and expand their base:

SEO Best Practices

A fundamental component of any marketing strategy is search engine optimization. In e-Commerce, the value of ranking in organic search has a direct impact on revenue generation. If a merchants page does not rank in relevant search queries, customers that are ready to buy will end up going with a competitor.

The SEO Best Practices tool from Magento makes it relatively straight-forward to optimize product pages for organic search. Merchants can benefit from the following optimization tactics:

  • Write unique product descriptions
  • Optimize categories with titles, meta descriptions, and more
  • Employing long-tail keywords where appropriate
  • Page speed optimization
  • Social media integration

Without deploying thorough SEO tactics on Magento, competitors will scoop in and take the much sought-after traffic.

Magento Email Templates

Email marketing has shown to bring the highest ROI of all communication streams. With the Magento Email Template extension, merchants can segment audiences and:

  • Automate communication with new leads
  • Nurturing existing leads with targeted promotions
  • Persuade first-time customers to keep on browsing or come back for more
  • Integrate social channels and web store updates into the email stream

There are seven templates to choose from, and users can personalize the font, text, and photos to suit the target audience in question.

Visual Merchandiser

Curating an engaging space that shows off the finest features of a product line is another essential marketing domain. Anyone with experience in retail knows that the layout of a store (or a site) has a tremendous impact on what consumers chose to buy. With the Visual Merchandiser on Magento, users can:

  • Drag and drop items in the list
  • Automate the ‘Hero Product’ feature to control what products the visitor see’s first
  • Build logical product listings and optimize the sorting based on built-in routines
  • Deploy the Mass Product Assignment when adding or removing an extensive collection of items

The end goal with visual merchandising is to make the product pages easy to scroll through for the user, and ordered in a way that suits the inventory status of the merchant. Proper curation of the tool will generate excellent time on page metrics and conversion rates.

Social Integration Extensions

Consistency across digital channels defines the impact of a marketing campaign. A product promotion that resonates on your site but does not reach your social audience is a costly missed opportunity. With the Magento Social extension, merchants can avoid common oversights and:

  • Drive traffic to their site from Facebook through Facebook Ads
  • Deploy cross-channel promotion of a sale or newly listed product
  • Create a replica of your web store for social audiences

Integrating digital identities is one of the most valuable steps towards growth an e-commerce merchant can take.

Navigating the complex Magento platform takes professional expertise. Let the web development specialists at Commercebees optimize your Magento account to suit your marketing and infrastructural needs.