Going Vertical with B2B E-commerce

Ecommerce for B2B domain

Today and in the future, enterprises need to look both within their own industries and sideways to other industries to create value and defend the market position. This is more than just a competitive exercise, and it requires the ability to build new cross-industry collaborative models. – Gartner Research

The world of B2B commerce is undergoing a digital revolution. As technology trends at an increasingly rapid pace, maintaining uniform solutions to a variety of business applications do not have to be challenging. When developers think in terms of agnostic scalability, they can save time and effort bya cross-platform implementation of the same concept or ideas. Selecting and utilizing products that function across several platforms allows developers to implement similar attributes across a range of businesses.

E-commerce is a diverse industry that includes myriad variables that may often be difficult to account for in implementing a specific technology. None-the-less relying on professionals with a deep understanding of B2B e-commerce verticality assures businesses the ability to reach their market with the latest technology solutions. Being able to implement a feature — like a chatbot function — in one CMS makes it possible to offer the same feature on any other platform to achieve both function and adaptability.

Developing products and ideas that can be used in many settings helps create a uniform B2B and e-commerce experience that boosts business and brand recognition.

Filling a Niche

Vertical businesses have the substantial advantage of filling unique needs in an e-commerce marketplace. Competing against horizontal giants like Amazon, Jet, and Overstock is a near impossibility for many small — and large — businesses. However, on a vertical scale, companies that fulfill some niche can provide a better customer experience, specific product need, and personalized B2B service.

Accomplishing a successful vertical e-commerce platform that is compatible across B2B interactions is key to specialist businesses — especially in the retail industry. Demonstrating the ability to provide a product or service that can be scaled to other applications is one way that vertical businesses succeed.

Embracing the Change

While B2B companies may have been slow on the digital transition uptake, they are increasingly changing their models to incorporate new technologies and elements that provide an enhanced B2B experience. They are following consumer retail models and adding digital technologies that streamline the B2B process, while at the same time maintaining a vertical-specific presence in the marketplace.

As AI-based technologies advance and improve, incorporating specific B2B functionalities will increase accessibility for those companies that embrace digital trends. Because a large number of B2B businesses rely on partnerships, being able to implement technology solutions across platforms is an important aspect of development. Different companies may utilize different CMS but need to share resources, modules, and technology for increased exposure, connectivity, and performance.

Ensuring that vertical applications are functional and adaptable for different platforms is essential for B2B companies seeking to add AI-based and other functionality.

E-commerce: An Effective B2B Solution

While B2B traditionally relies on relationships and networks, it is also well suited for e-commerce. Companies that worry about implementing e-commerce practices are sometimes relieved to learn that digital practices fit and enhance their business management processes. Additionally, they often discover that partners are eager to make the transition with them.

Whether your B2B is entrenched in e-commerce, or just beginning the transition, work with a trusted industry partner to ensure smooth digital transactions and cross-platform functionality.

Commercebees have the experience and skills necessary to assess and audit a range of e-commerce functionalities that can propel your B2B to new heights.