Google AMP project - Explained

Over the past five years, it has turned to a mobile-first world. The share of mobile traffic has gone up from 6.1% in 2011 to 52.2% in 2018. We have witnessed traffic through mobile overtake the traffic through Desktop. Due to the steep rise in mobile technology and the Omnichannel experience offered by many companies, it has enabled customers to surf content and buy stuff on the go with their smartphones

About Accelerated Mobile Pages

Realizing the changing scenario, to better the User experience on mobile, Google rolled out the Accelerated Mobile pages project. AMP is a turnkey solution aimed towards making the mobile version of your website incredibly fast. A faster loading website helps you connect and reach better with your audience. Historically, mobile websites that load under 5 seconds have shown a 2X improvement in revenue. With AMP, your mobile website will load in less than a second!

Technology behind AMP

Building a responsive and faster loading website was complex and called for a strong development team previously. AMP implementation is simple and fast. It helps you improve your page speed and performance right from Day1.

AMP works on three basic elements behind it. It trims down your existing webpage to form a lighter version of the same.

  • Restricted HTML files
  • Compressed Java Scripts to load resources
  • AMP cache to validate and cache the AMP pages to load from local servers

Implementing AMP to your website

AMP does not hinder the visuals of your website. It allows you to customize the layouts, colors, font styles to maintain your branding. You can add common functionalities such as Social shares, Redirect links to other pages, Media files, Contact forms etc. within your AMP pages.

With a friendly budget and an expert team, you can enable AMP on your existing CMS platform. AMP supports a majority of the CMS platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Episerver, Site core, Joomla and many more. 

AMP is integrated with other sharing platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. AMP pages published are also accepted by these platforms by default. You can also use your existing analytics platform to monitor the performance of your AMP pages. AMP analytics is supported by most leading analytics platforms – Google Analytics, Tabloid to name a few.

Benefits of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Apart from helping you cater quick-loading mobile pages to your customers, AMP offers you loads of business benefits.

  • AMP web pages are ranked higher in Google’s mobile search rankings
  • Top AMP Pages are listed as stories in search results in the form of carousels
  • Mobile User experience is vastly improved with AMP
  • Better engagement with the customer by addressing the message within the short attention span
  • More organic traffic coupled with faster decision-making process for conversions


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If you wish to grow your business with Accelerated Mobile pages or if you have any queries on how AMP can help your business, contact our consultant for a customized solution.