How Magento 2 Can Boost Your E-commerce Sales

Whether it’s small businesses or large conglomerates, e-commerce and m-commerce have changed their style of the business model in how they reach out to their customers. With the help of e-commerce sites, businesses, both big and small, can connect to their customers quickly and efficiently. Customers, in turn are now able to make purchases on the go without much hassle.

Magento, the world’s #1 and most flexible e-commerce platform, launched a new version (2.x) earlier this year in order to help you create shopping experiences that are tailored precisely to your business’s needs. Magento 2.x is faster, easier to use, engaging, and is more cost-effective than ever before.

Omnichannel experience

Magento provides options to extend its core functionalities to build customised features with the help of third-party extensions. Hence, an omnichannel experience can be enjoyed by customers. This not only creates more brand awareness, it also paves way for an increase in e-commerce sales. You can integrate your Magento system with the entire range of sales options available to create various shopping experiences for different customers.

Sales options can also be enhanced by including integration with other e-commerce websites/marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, etc. With the help of the Magento platform, responsive websites or a mobile app can be easily designed, and a larger section of your target customers can be reached out by the website.

To help take the email campaigns to the next level, Magento 2 supports integrations with all major email marketing platforms. The e-commerce platform also supports integration with the social media websites to allow your customers to log in using their social media accounts, as well as to share their shopping experience or the product details with their friends.

Ready-Made Out of the box features

Magento offers a rich set of features for marketing your products, offering promotions to your customers, and increasing sales conversions.  Starting from simple “Related products, up-sells and cross-sells”, it offers all the tools you would need to increase your eCommerce sales. Listed below are some of the many features available out of the box in Magento 2.

  1. Easily create, manage and monitors coupon codes. Coupons can be exported for offline
  2. distribution, email, newsletters, and more.
  3. Pricing options, like multi-tier pricing and Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)
  4. New items promotional tool
  5. Persistent shopping cart
  6. Free shipping options
  7. Catalog promotional pricing
  8. Flexible Coupons (pricing rules)

Magento 2 also has a rich set of SEO features, which is important for e-commerce websites. With these features, you can rest assured that your website will be available whenever the end user searches for it.

  1. Google Site Map
  2. Search engine friendly URL’s
  3. URL Rewrites give full control of URL’s
  4. Meta-information for products, categories, and content pages
  5. An auto-generated sitemap for display on site
  6. Auto-generated popular search terms page
  7. Catalog promotional pricing
  8. Flexible Coupons (pricing rules)

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