Magento Go Mobile: Achieving Responsive web design with Magento platform

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform designed to help merchants create a flexible and customizable shopping experience on their site. Offering a broad selection of themes, extensions, and modules, Magento prides itself on providing webmasters what is required to keep up with the trends in e-commerce in 2018.

One of the most influential trends in 2018 is the continued rise of mobile shopping. As the leading interface for all things e-commerce, Magento is incredibly adaptable to mobile functionality. While there are plenty of mobile app alternatives vying for use, the most effective application is undoubtedly MoFluid, which offers all the same customizable features customers have come to expect from Magento. MoFluid comes with multiple payment options and compatibility with Android and iPhone - not to mention an extensive list of plugins for marketing and beyond.

Mobile web design with magento 2

Noteworthy Plugins and Features

Reflecting the dynamic nature of e-commerce today, MoFluid comes with a variety of extension users can embed to optimize the shopper's experience. Including:

Payment Gateways

MoFluid is compatible with over 19 different payment gateways, including PayPal and Apple Pay. For the uninitiated, payment gateways are embedded into all mobile and web applications to encrypt sensitive information (like a credit card #) as it passes from buyer to merchant over the server. SSL (secure socket layering) is the encryption model of choice, and as such, transactions are usually carried out over HTTPS protocol to hide the data from bad actors.

Product Catalogues

An e-commerce site of any measurable volume needs a product catalog extension. The importance of streamlined design is underscored on mobile, as the screen size is far smaller and the ability to click-through pages is limited. MoFluids extension comes with additional functionalities to make sure your product categories are SEO-friendly and logically designed for a large volume of files.

User Account Management

The real benefit of advanced marketing through mobile comes via user account management extensions. Automated filters can track customer behavior and turn preferences into real-time personalization. Macro-trend behavior can also inform a predictive marketing strategy and UX design choices.

Taken together, MoFluid offers merchants the chance to leverage their Magento platform to reach mobile audiences with targeted marketing campaigns.

Note: MoFluid is compatible with basic Magento functionality. However, if you have a pre-existing customized Magento site, MoFluid gives merchants the option of designing an application on top of the Magento stack. So nothing is lost by way of functionality, and everything is possible regarding personalization.

Do I Need a Mobile Site?

Deploying a mobile site is a good idea for any merchant. Market research has indicated the incremental rise of mobile for years, and we are currently seeing the impact. Consider that:

  • The percentage of retail spend via mobile in the US rose from 2.4% in 2010 to 24% in 2018. It represents a 10% increase over eight years.
  • By current trends, mobile e-commerce purchases in the US will make up 53% of total sales by 2021. So the march continues!
  • Lastly, the entire e-commerce industry is expected to grow to over $461 billion in 2018.

Based on this brief market recap, it should be clear how much revenue potential exists in the mobile sector. Here are three measurable benefits of engaging with the mobile sector for an e-commerce merchant:

  1. Brings a Loyal Customer Base
  2. Offers Chance to Expand Market Share
  3. Opportunity to Explore Advanced Marketing Techniques

While the e-commerce world is buzzing with omnichannel presence and reaching the customer at every digital touch point possible, going mobile is a must-have. Talk to our experts who can give you a magic mobile website that loads in under one second!