Tools from Magento to jumpstart your website’s user experience

Magento Tools to improve your User experience

The e-commerce industry is undergoing tremendous innovation at the moment. The rise of emotional commerce and personalized marketing (thanks to machine learning) have upped the stakes as far as store layout, and curated content is concerned. Shoppers want a buying experience curated by their tastes, and merchants need to a platform that allows them this level of customization.

Magento is ideally placed to offer adaptive solutions to its users. Propelled by an online community of developers that keep introducing plugins and software innovations, merchants can connect with a variety of tools to help jumpstart growth in 2018. Whether you are opening an e-commerce site for the first time or looking to scale efficiently with a new product offering, Magento surely has plugins suited to your needs.

Here are five unique features of Magento merchants can capitalize on:

Magento is a Cloud Solution

Cloud hosting as defined by Techopedia is “the procurement of computing resources for a cloud computing provider or facility to host data, services, and solutions. The Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition will host all merchant data on a third-party server, removing any maintenance obligation or infrastructural pressure from the user. Furthermore, the Cloud solution is ideal for scalability. In previous iterations of the program, scalability was limited to onsite deployment. On the cloud, site owners and IT departments no longer have to manage separate infrastructures. Everything can be controlled together on the cloud, making it easier to grow without the usual IT hiccups and costs.


A glance through Magento marketplace should give users an idea of the solutions at your fingertips. The age of emotional commerce is upon us, and companies have new ways of turning data into marketing content. Effective personalization extensions include:


One of the best techniques to propel growth is to stage a promotion. E-commerce stores often run multiple promotions at a time, and when they do, need to be able to segment the marketing outreach effectively and manage the influx of traffic without a hitch. Often, this is done by fusing promotional offers to personal shopping history. Here are a couple of extensions that do just that:

Special Promotions Pro

Social Media Promotion extension

Staging and Previewing

Staging is a critical branding tool to ignite the interests of shoppers. However, it is a time-consuming venture - especially as product listing reach the thousands. As the DevDocs page describes, staging functionality on Magento “enables you to create scheduled campaigns, manage companies on the dashboard and manipulate each future store object update.” So a lot of time is saved thanks to intelligent automation of tasks.

There is also the option to preview a storefront for a future campaign, to confirm the layout and extensions are in place. This level of curation is why merchants rate Magento so highly.

Amazon Sales Channel

Another unique feature of Magento 2 and Commerce is an Amazon Sales Channel extension. Since a majority of customers start product searches in the “world’s most popular marketplace,” an ability to sync an external site offers incredible growth potential. Other benefits of the Sales Channel plugin include:

  • Access to product distribution tools
  • Competitor reporting
  • Price recommendation generation

The ease of managing all this market data from the Magento platform is a bonus.

If you are looking to leverage the growth of your e-commerce shop, contact Commercebees today. We are a team of dedicated web developers and analytic consultants ready to improve your digital performance.