Maintenance Checklist for Small Ecommerce Shop Owners

Maintenance Checklist for Small Ecommerce Shop Owners

Did you recently launch a Magento website or having plans to launch one? We always believe that launching a website is like purchasing a car. In the both cases, it is very important to have a good maintenance plan in place to make sure that it is up and running perfectly.
Now that you have built an e-commerce presence, you can’t stop with just building a website.  Even with the most robust, latest/greatest website, there is, it will still require routine maintenance and servicing. Technology undergoes constant changes and hackers will always try to outsmart the system. So, it’s important to keep your website secure and up-to-date with modern features to ensure you and your customers are safe. Let’s look at some of the key items that you need to keep a close eye on.

#1: Magento admin backend alerts recommending security or module updates

The Magento team releases security patches to fix any flaws before it can be exploited by hackers. It is advisable to look for alerts at the top of your Magento admin portal. This cannot be simply ignored and may require immediate attention. If any 3rd party extensions are used, then you will also get notified when they release any updates or patches. But always check with your trusted web team before making any major updates.

#2: Check Cron Configuration and last execution status

Some of the important Magento features require cron jobs, which schedules activities to occur in the future. Some of the features that need cron jobs are as follows:

  1. Catalog price rules
  2. Generating Google sitemaps
  3. Customer Alerts/Notifications
  4. Automatic updating of currency rates
  5. All Magento e-mails

You will see alerts/messages in the admin portal if the cron job is not running. If you see that message, please inform your web development team.

#3: Check Order Checkout

Even though you are not likely to face issues with order checkout on a regular basis, there is nothing wrong with placing a few test orders daily to make sure that the order checkout flow works without any issues. If you do find any issues or if any of your customers reports an issue with order checkout, inform your web team immediately.

#4: Check Abandoned Carts

Noticing a lot of abandoned carts? You are not alone. All online sellers face this issue. Check for abandoned carts on a regular basis. Use it as a marketing tool by sending that customer a reminder email about their abandoned cart. It might just lead to a sale.
Noticing continuously abandoned carts? You may have an error or user experience (UX) flaw in your checkout process. Make sure your customer’s online process is seamless, easy to follow, and consistent.

#5: Check Contact and other form submissions

Whether it’s a “Contact Us” form or an “Order/Product” inquiry form, always check if they are functioning properly. These forms are how your customers & prospects can reach you. Any trouble here could run your sales dry.

#6: Server Errors/404 errors/Broken images/links

You may have invested few marketing dollars to ensure that your website pops up among the first few items in the Google search results. If you see any server errors or 404 errors in the Google webmaster tool, be sure to fix those immediately to retain your page ranking.

#7: Keep a Code and Database Backups

It is a must to have a daily backup of your website so that you can quickly get back on your feet when uncertainty knocks at your website’s door. Most hosting providers have add-on packages for backup options that can be easily enabled.
E-commerce stores, in general, need to stay updated not only in terms of products and the experience that is being offered on the website. It should also remain secure so that you can be in the same lane as your competitors.
Keeping your website running can be a time consuming, but vital, task. Our expert Managed Services team is readily available to help even the busiest business with their website needs.

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