The All New Magento 2.0 & Its Features

The new horizon of mighty innovations in e-commerce offerings had its start by the recently launched Magento 2.0. After a period of over a year since the launch of developer beta version, Magento 2.0 Enterprise Edition and Community edition was finally launched on Nov 17, 2015, which is 4 times faster than the previous version.

Magento 2.0 released with many customer-centric features has become an instant hit among its users. Increased conversion rate, high performance and scalability, convenient payment method, refined architecture, hassle-free maintenance and upgrade have all been catered in this release.


Magento Architecture Diagram

Let’s read on few of the exciting features illustrated below:

An Extensive Architecture:

Full page caching is enabled both in community and enterprise edition. One thing it will offer for your end customers is that the sites are loaded at a speed of 1-2 seconds when compared to 5-6 seconds of loading of the non-cached page.

Better Streamlined Database:

Magento 2.0 Enterprise Database allows you to separate entities in Database.For example, you can put in all the content, product category, and description onto one database. Further, you can also have checkout as a completely different DB. So, this will be a convenient process for those sites having checked out of over 1000+ of items at a single moment. The customers who are logged simultaneously will find no lag in speed and enjoy uninterrupted shopping. The structure of Magento has also been revised greatly and the modules are located in a single directory. This will make customizations and search easier.

An Easy 2 Step Checkout Process:

Worried about the tiresome 6 step process for the product to go the cart, so that you miss some of the customers? Magento 2.0 offers an easy 2 step process for the cart check out. Also, to add more vigor about your products to the customers, you can add on video to provide the demo of the product. Earlier checking the account as a guest, provided you with an option of not saving the personal information. But, it is now possible with Magento 2.0

Another nuance added to the checkout process is the removal of checking what credit card category it is. Entry of the credit card numbers automatically figures whether it is AMEX, Visa or Master Card, so it saves less time for check out process.

Easily Editable Admin Panel

A lot of effort has gone for the functionality of the Magento admin panel. The website owners can easily edit, add products without much hassle.

New Luma Theme

The site operates on new luma theme which is largely a sophisticated responsive theme based.


Magento 2 is also greatly acknowledged for extension installations and upgrading procedures. Some of the most welcomed extensions are given below:

Banner Slider

The compelling way to attract customers is by a display of the products. The sliders are optimized greatly to suit the customer needs and the reports can be generated periodically from the placed banners.

Store Locator

This extension will enable customers to have a complete overview of the shopping even before making the first purchase.

Magento UI Library

The library is built on LESS pre-processor so that the developers can customize themes and development which are laid down in specific to web standards.


In addition to this, Magento 2.0 has a lot more of offerings for its customer’s. Have a glance at them from the officially released post from the Magento team.

The trend of online shopping which once was considered to be seasonal has drastically changed these days. This has been capitalized largely by the e-commerce platform providers offering numerous features to do shopping at a rapid pace, engaging as well as a convenient process. This is largely witnessed in Magento 2.0. Truly, a mammoth offering for all online shopping lovers 

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