Custom Design vs. Template Approach – Which Should You Choose?

How does one choose between a custom or template based website? We’ll start by telling you that it all depends on the size of your business, your target audience, and industry. Do you know what you want the result to be? If most of your business is done offline, then you should go with a simple, template website. On the other hand, if you operate mostly online, then finding some money to go for a custom website might be a better decision.

It all depends whether your website is a significant component that drives your sales, contributes to building your reputation, and helps increase your web presence. Let’s take a look at all the features of custom vs. template based websites.


A template-based site can save you a lot of money because the design is already set. You only have to pay to the template provider for the monthly or annual fee, which is usually very inexpensive.


A website build has three stages – the planning, the design, and the build stage. A template website comes with the features, form, and structure already decided for you, which significantly reduces the development time. With custom builds, you choose the technical architecture of your site.

Originality and Flexibility.

These components include the creation of a unique experience, both in visual design and technical features. If you choose a template, some other companies are probably using the same one. This way, you risk your website looking like other company websites. With a custom website, you can develop an original and scalable website that integrates tools and features that suit your demographic base, marketing goals, and industry.


With a custom website, you have to ability to provide usability and functions tailored to enhance your customer experience. You will increase customer satisfaction and repeat visits by being able to target them better. When it comes to functionality features, template-based sites are quite limited.


A custom build will enable you to make your website an extension of your brand and entirely reflect it, which can’t be achieved with a template design (at least not to that extent). If you’re serious about trying to build a respectable brand, then a custom-designed build wins the duel without question.


Template-based websites will get you setup with specific functions, designs, and features that don’t fit your business or brand. Eventually, they are going to be limited when it comes to functionality and won’t be that search engine friendly like custom builds. Custom websites allow for quality SEO and future modifications (if needed).

If you want a website that is specifically tailored to suit your brand image, SEO friendly, and that you want to own and manipulate in the future, then a custom build is a much better option. Custom design allows for customization. It is unique and scalable (you can quickly change your hosting solution.) It does cost more and takes more time to develop, but the result is incomparably better. If you have any inquiries about custom website development, contact Commercebees to discuss all the possibilities for building a website that suits your brand and business.