Digital Transformation Solutions.

CommerceBees work with customers to develop relevant business change strategies for your products and services mapped to customer engagement. We help you increase revenues, optimize your digital performance and deepen customer relationships.

Digital transformation strategy and framework.

Strategy and not Technology drives Digital Transformation. We understand this and follow a simple yet detailed process to determine and implement the perfect strategy to improve business processes and develop new capabilities and business models.

A digital Transformation strategy needs to answer the key questions such as the what, why, how and who. A robust digital transformation strategy is in creating a roadmap that bridges the gap between current state and desired long-term plan.

UI/UX Design and Strategy.

Leveraging on Content management solutions and the open source platforms, we craft compelling UI/UX interfaces and strategic monetization plans that help drive traffic and convert site visitors into returning customers. We offer strategic consulting services to guide through the development process and to help you to make the right decisions for your Ecommerce site.

  • UI/UX Engineering and Design
  • Creative & Content Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • User engagement strategy
  • Data driven Design

AI and Personalization.

Leveraging AI, Personalization and Machine Learning algorithms to plan & build strong & insightful customer profiles for your business using data sets from across platforms like Web CMS, CRM, CDP, DMP and BI to deliver personalized engagement for your customers through Omni channels to offer a connected digital experience & communications for your customers!

  • AI, NLP
  • Buyer persona mapping and Personalization
  • Machine Learning
  • IoT, Connected Devices
  • Infra Metrics
  • Digital Toolkit

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