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Digitalization has revolutionized global shopping behavioral trends. Especially in the CPG industry, tech savvy customers are opting for personalized, flexible customer centric services instead of the routine product based marketing models.

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The CPG industry will see five dominant factors leading the change in the consumer landscape by 2030 says McKinsey. Changing face of the consumer, The evolving geopolitical dynamics, New patterns in personal consumption, Technological advancements, and structural industry shifts.

As the latest e-commerce trends has enabled retail marketplace with vibrant shopping options, one of our global client wanted to harness the digital mode. We had an in-depth analysis of the client’s pain points and came up with focused business solutions to deliver engaging as well as personalized offerings through omni channel experiences. Right from digitalizing the global platform to automated purchasing, AI chatbot integrations, we catered them all! Successfully deployed our digital solutions for 40+ global markets maintaining the brand value and consistency.


The confluence of several digital trends like the Big Data, Advanced Analytics, AI Chatbots and automation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality is headed to make a huge change in manufacturing industry.

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Consumer expectations and the advent of connected devices and platforms are driving the persistent digitization of manufacturing. Manufacturing companies are using technology to move from mass production to customized production, and it’s happening at a rapid pace – Source: Forbes

Digital transformation in manufacturing is rapidly evolving towards the ‘as a service’ economy and Our dedicated team of digital experts helped in optimizing business operations

We offer digital solutions that are simple, seamlessly optimized, and consistently engage customers along their digital journey. Implementing change to one of our client who wanted to transform the time consuming manual checks experienced by the customers at various dealer locations, our team of experts implemented the Accelerated Development Practice(AADP), an in-house digital blend approach with a time bound goal.


The increasing influence of digitalization in education, be it the Virtual reality or augmented reality, all have incorporated the all new refreshed mode of personalized leaning and teaching.

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Faster digital adoption and convenient and easy access to the leaning materials is the current trend of e-commerce in today’s digital learning practices. We had the opportunity to team up with one of the leading US Universities offering Nuclear Pharmacy certification to improve digital assessment quality for their students. Our solution addressed the immediate requirement followed by a Strategic consulting approach to offer E-Learning Transformation. Automation, Data migration and Adherence to stringent security measure and on-time execution are key parameters involved in every project delivered.


In an evolving era of connectivity, governments have started embracing digitalization to gain real-time insights and create sustainable competitive advantage. This eventually has allowed companies and citizens accelerate realistic digital business outcomes.

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The lush growth of e-commerce has empowered customers to witness a whole new online experience. Harnessing this, the public sector is slowly reinventing and digitizing through omni solutions.

The public-sector domain has been digitalizing modes their solutions easily manageable by a diverse team. Our team helped one of the Illinois oldest state agencies to completely revamp their digital platform and connect better with the community, key stakeholder and common citizens. We helped in digitizing their record which enabled lower costs, higher efficiency and increased security modes.


Today’s digital consumer is demanding. They want what they want and want it now! With more demands are created more opportunities to reach customers in a much more targeted and personalized way. It is no more selling the product as much as it is selling the Experience.

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A lot of digitized trends is happening in the forefront affecting the retail customers directly. Retail trends is not limiting itself to mere buying. But it goes beyond, providing the customers the “holistic experience of buying”

Be it the mobile gadgets, virtual reality googles, smart beacons – the modernized digital devices give you an awesome shopping experience without physically touching the products. Commerce bees enabled a leading Mississippi outdoor and lifestyle company realize their digital vision to seamlessly manage their vast inventory of assorted products, and offer personalized recommendations to their customers. This resulted in improving their user engagement and reduced the rate of abandoned shopping carts before checkout.

Digital Finance

Digital age has made a significant change in innovations and practices of the finance industry. A more agile, customer centric and customer engaging approach is adopted for simpler, safer and smarter practices.

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The digital disruption has been transforming consumer behavior and is leading to more informed choices as consumers make their decisions after thoughtful research, keeping in mind specific financials goals. Customer-centricity is more important than ever, and more customers expect simple and personalized products and services that suit their unique needs and situations, and meaningful interactions at every stage of their decision-making process.

One of the leading US major financial Group, through its subsidiaries, offering a broad range of retirement, life and reinsurance products needed help in addressing their Digi-financial challenges. We consolidated their multi web platforms under a single umbrella, collaborating and intensifying their brand image and collective user experience with a flexibility to manage content by multiple stakeholders. This brought about a major change in their user interactivity and user experience resulting in an increase in their conversion by 30%