Today’s consumers are the driving force of the digital transformation in Retail. Customers demand total personalization, customized offers, and a seamless experience. With more demands are created more opportunities to reach customers in a much more targeted and personalized way. It is no more selling the product as much as it is selling the Experience.

A lot of digitized trends is happening in the forefront affecting the retail customers directly. Retail trends are not limiting itself to mere buying. It goes beyond - providing the customers the “holistic experience of buying”. Be it the mobile gadgets, virtual reality googles, smart beacons – the modernized digital devices give you an awesome shopping experience without physically touching the products.

Commerce bees enabled a leading Mississippi outdoor and lifestyle company realize their digital vision to seamlessly manage their vast inventory of assorted products, and offer personalized recommendations to their customers. This resulted in improving their user engagement and reduced the rate of abandoned shopping carts before checkout.

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