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Magento development company

Magento Development

We create pixel-perfect eCommerce sites to engage your customers and enrich your business. Through Magento, we craft compelling user experiences and strategic monetization plans that drive traffic and convert site visitors into returning customers. We offer strategy consulting services to guide through the development process and to help you to make the right decisions for your eCommerce site.

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Mobile Development

Customers are everywhere. We can help you be wherever they are whenever they need you. Our development team is well equipped to provide the mobile solutions that are crucial to eCommerce retailers. Commerce Bees offers a wide variety of options to get your site noticed by customers on-the-go. From responsive theming to mobile apps- we can make your store a global, mobile sensation.

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Magento Mobile development
Ecommerce theme/module development

Theme/Module Development

We build custom themes and extensions to enhance the functionality and appearance of Magento. Our development and design teams produce professional, original, distinctive functionalities and designs to create one of a kind eCommerce websites. Our team will work closely with you to determine your needs, understand your brand, and help to create the perfect shopping experience for your customers.

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Migration & Upgrades

Commerce Bees development team is available to upgrade your Magento site to the most current version. If you have an eCommerce site that is built on another platform, and would like to migrate to Magento, we would be happy to help.

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Magento ecommerce migration & upgrade services
Ecommerce modules integration

3rd Party Modules Integration

We can integrate a wide variety of third party systems, services, and software to work seamlessly with your eCommerce website. We can add operational systems for shipping and order management, CRM support, integration with ERP systems, accounting software, and marketing solutions just to name a few. Third party solutions integration turn your Magento site into a robust, feature filled business and web solution.

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Site Audit

Ecommerce site audit

Our site Audit process provides an assessment of the condition of your site.

We identify areas of your website that are lacking, broken, outdated, or malfunctioning. Every site audit includes a comprehensive report with actionable suggestions for changes and enhancements to your site.

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Performance Optimization

Website performance optimization

One of Commerce Bees most popular services, performance optimization, helps our customers to keep their customers happy. Online shoppers are looking for fast, convenient retail experiences. Our team of site optimization professionals can provide the boost in performance that your site needs. We will address issues like code cleanup, caching upgrades, or even server migration. It’s time to get your site moving.

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Maintenance & Support

Website maintenance & support

Continuing site development responsibilities catch many eCommerce site managers off guard. Often, urgent development tasks arise without warning. That's why Commerce Bees offers ongoing monthly maintenance packages. A new module? No problem. Move this button? Sure. Add a Twitter feed? We’ve got you covered. Our maintenance and support plans keep your site functional, fresh, and productive.

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